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Our mediator

Michael Hainge leads our mediation practice for ECS and is an accredited mediator and associate member of the Civil Mediation Council. He offers mediation for commercial and civil disputes.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a cost-effective, confidential and quick way in which disputes between parties can be resolved. The mediator does not judge the merits of either party's case but works with all parties to understand their needs and wants and achieve a solution that everyone is happy to sign up to. 

Mediation is voluntary and all parties must sign up to follow the process under the guidance and with the help of the mediator. Neither party can ever be forced into an agreement that they are not happy with.

How much does it cost?


Michael has signed up to the Civil Mediation Council's fixed fee scheme, the details of which may be found here. He also offers a number of days mediation per year at no charge for organisations or individuals who may be facing financial difficulties or who exist for a charitable purpose.

For a no obligation chat please call Michael on 07970 964004 or email