We strive to be honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. We won't shy away from difficult conversations and we are not afraid to ask for help.


We are agile in how we meet our clients' and colleagues' needs. That means agility in work methods, locations, hours of work and responding rapidly to societal change.  


We consider the impacts of what we do and how we do it. We will improve our organisational diversity and environmental impact.

We donate 1% of our annual profits to staff nominated charities.

Socially Responsible

We value experimentation and new ideas and have the courage to put them into practice. We understand that sometimes we will fail and we value the learning that brings. We never stigmatise failure personally or organisationally



We consider the ethics of each project, client and supplier with whom we engage. We welcome ideas and criticism that helps us improve our ethical performance.

We value everyone we work with, clients and colleagues alike. We encourage personal authenticity and are concerned with people's welfare beyond work commitments.


All of our employees and associates signup to and benefit from the ethics statements, above. Please hover over each box for more information.

Individual employees and associates are also bound by a number of codes of conduct according to their professional memberships and associations. These include:

  • The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy

  • The Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce

  • The Chartered Institute of Trading Standards

  • World Commerce and Contracting

  • European code of conduct for mediators

We recognise that even with the best of intentions things can still go wrong. If you have any concerns or complaints please do get in touch. We treat any complaints with the utmost seriousness and respect and our complaints policy may be found here.