Trick or treat? How to deliver even more savings from procurement and commissioning

It looks like nearly everyone is reviewing their procurement and commissioning spend right now, and why wouldn't you? The financial pressures just keep on coming. Once the review is complete, how will you make sure you deliver the savings you've identified? Through negotiation, that's how.

If you ask a random group of people to rate themselves as a negotiator and then actually test their capability (like we have) the results are interesting. Men tend to overstate their abilities (sorry chaps) while women tend to get it pretty much spot on. In almost all cases, there is a recognition that they need to develop more skills to meet the demands of the roles they carry out.

Asking the same group to describe the negotiation process, throws up many different answers. These include haggling, bullying. persuading, begging (really), points scoring and issuing ultimatums, or trick or treating as we like to call it! The reality is that a well-structured negotiation, skilfully carried out, will include some of these but actually involves so much more.

All parties to a negotiation will need to compromise and the search for additional value must include consideration of the other party or parties needs and wants. Careful management of the negotiation process should result in a better deal for you but without destroying the relationship, especially where there is a degree of interdependence in the future.

Great negotiators possess awesome skills in psychology, commercial practice, business strategy and an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

ECS staff have trained thousands of people all over the world and have provided direct support in complex or high value negotiations. The return on investment is never less than spectacular. Please contact us if you'd like to know more.