Old dog, new trick

I was very happy to be told yesterday that I have successfully completed my mediation training. The training is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and was provided by the excellent @AlignMediation. I am now providing mediation services through ECS aimed at resolving commercial disputes, particularly between the public and private sectors.

There are so many good reasons to use mediation instead of litigation, including:

Speed - the time for resolving disputes through the courts is long and getting longer. Think months if not a year or more. Mediation usually allows for resolution in as little as a day or two.

Cost - engaging lawyers to resolve your dispute through litigation could cost you a fortune and, even if you win, you are unlikely to recover your costs in full. If you lose, the costs can be ruinous. Mediation on the other hand is extremely cost-effective and is shared equally between the parties.

Relationships - litigation does very little to restore broken relationships and often makes matters considerably worse. Mediation allows each party to be heard, to be understood and to jointly find a way forward.

Confidentiality - what goes on in mediation stays in mediation!

Confidentiality allows room for creative approaches that can resolve disputes in a way that the very narrow considerations intrinsic to litigation could never achieve. The facts of the dispute, as well as the settlement agreement, can be kept confidential, protecting all parties' reputations and feelings.

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