Negotiating the gender pay gap

The World Economic Forum reported in 2018 that women are paid only 63% of what men are paid and estimates it will take 202 years to close the gap. The WEF states that the UK is ranked 50th out of 149 countries for gender pay equality. This will come as no surprise to any woman reading this article: gender discrimination is alive and well in 21st century Britain as any number of individuals and organisations can testify. The question is, what can you do about it?

Dr Julie Davies of the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, interviewed in The Independent last week explains that the roots of the gender pay gap are formed early: “This happens when women don’t negotiate their salary in their first role due to societal pressures, and so there is a cumulative effect as they move from one job to another. Often women don’t ask for more money and are just grateful to be offered a job.” Societal pressures are many and varied but child caring responsibilities are chief among them.

I have spent my career helping women develop their negotiation skills to achieve better pay, better job performance and to advance their careers. I know, from personal experience, the importance of being able to negotiate skilfully at all stages of your career.

If you are concerned about your organisation's gender pay gap and want to do something concrete about it, please get in touch with me, Deborah Spurgeon, via email