Locking horns in a commercial dispute?

Locking horns is always an option but it often leads to damaging outcomes for both parties. With professional help, settlement can almost always be reached which is why more organisations are choosing mediation to resolve their commercial disputes. It's easy to see why:

Relationships - Mediation allows each party to be heard, to be understood and to jointly find a way forward, preserving important business relations.

Speed - Mediation usually allows for resolution of disputes in as little as a day or two.

Cost - Mediation is extremely cost-effective and costs are shared equally between the parties.

Confidentiality - what goes on in mediation stays in mediation. The facts of the dispute, as well as the settlement agreement, are kept confidential, protecting all parties' reputations and feelings.

Michael Hainge deals with all mediation matters for ECS. He is qualified and registered with the Civil Mediation Council as a civil and commercial mediator. If you think that mediation may help you avoid getting locked into a dispute, or help get you out of one that you're currently in, he'd be very happy to talk to you on 07970 964004.