It's never really black and white

Me and Ian Edward have been business partners for nearly five years, and colleagues for many

years before that. We've both worked for more than twenty years in the public and private sectors in some fascinating and challenging commercial roles. We've gained a few scars along the way and some wisdom too. We haven't always got it right but we always try to learn from where we went wrong.

We enjoy each other's trust and have a shared set of values. When we disagree, we work hard to understand the other's views. That way we both grow and the business, and our clients, benefit. Our relationship is the most valuable asset our business has. Despite this, you won't see it on any balance sheet!

Commercial relationships between suppliers and their customers are an important asset too. When they work well, all parties benefit from value creation and great products and services. When they don't work well, value is lost and performance drops, to the detriment of all.

In the very challenging environment we are all working in right now, the quality and strength of commercial relationships assumes an even greater importance.

We've had the pleasure of helping many organisations in the public and private sector identify, address and resolve many commercial issues. A common theme of almost all of them has been less than ideal commercial relationships. By acting as an honest broker, we bring a fresh and clear perspective to those relationships. By unlocking often long-held issues and disagreements we help the parties to re-focus their efforts on building long-term, sustainable performance.

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