Extroverts and introverts: home working together.

As a lifelong extrovert I have been distracting colleagues for decades. My need to gather energy from social interactions is as clear to me as a bee flying from flower to flower gathering nectar. Without social contact my energy dips and I will, given the opportunity, find a comfy chair and go to sleep. Poor me.

For introverts, working alone and without interruption (from people like me) is generally welcomed. With time to reflect, contemplate and carefully consider decisions you'd think homeworking would be a blessing. Well it can be,

Balancing he needs of introverts and extroverts in the same household takes careful management. Critically, the extraverts need to respect the space and peace the introverts need to be productive. Introverts need to show us extroverts a little mercy and have times in the day when a shared meal, cup of coffee or a chat help us recharge and gather some of the nectar we need to power us up for the next hour or two.